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7 tips to lose weight as a woman

Discover 7 tips to lose weight as a woman.

From adolescence to menopause in a woman’s body, both physical and chemical make up fluctuates.

7 tips to lose weight as a woman7 tips to lose weight as a woman

With each new decade, the hormonal, psychological, and physical parameters modify its silhouette, and the curves which settle have more and more difficulty dislodging.

Men burn more energy than women and their fat mass is around 10 to 15%. While that of women, at comparable weight and height, is 20 to 25%. “Big injustice!” you will say. But the difference does not end there. Throughout their lives, women go through more or less comfortable stages, which disrupt their metabolism and harm their figure . But how do you lose weight permanently when you’re a woman? Our 7 tips, here!

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To lose weight when you are a woman, you have to take into account the different stages in a woman’s life


Lose weight when you are a young woman in your 20s and 30s.

At 20 years old, “weight” is not yet at the center of your concerns. You no longer live with your parents, you are a student, you go out a lot, in short, you feel free!

The sport ? You have tasted very little of it. But, between the hamburgers at the local café, the sandwiches on the go after a lesson, the frozen foods in the evening to save time, the balance begins to tip in the wrong direction…

So, implicitly, your body is changing . The hips widen a little , the belly is less toned , the first devastating kilos settle.

It’s decided, you want to lose weight and you go on a diet! You choose the one that will make you lose the most weight in the least amount of time. Normal, you have to conform to the dictates of fashion when you are a woman.

And since the first diet didn’t really work (in other words, you regained weight a few weeks after depriving yourself of everything!), you try another one, even more effective (according to the good friends!), and the The “yoyo” effect is showing up…

In your thirties, you have already tried several times to lose weight. You live as a couple, you have a time-consuming but fascinating job, you have just had a baby, and even if you deplore your extra pounds and want to regain a slimmer silhouette (in particular, because pregnancy has left some traces on your pretty woman’s belly), you are a little overwhelmed by events.

So, you promise yourself to exercise, to eat more balanced, but… all that takes a lot of time and frankly, now is not the time!


Women aged 40 to 50 who want to lose weight40 years ?

This is the age of balance. You are recognized in your work and have nothing more to prove, the children are starting to be independent, you feel good about yourself , you enjoy your spouse more, you allow yourself romantic getaways…

All that is very idyllic , but this is not always a reflection of reality.
Because the quarantine is also the age of divorces, the teenage crisis of the youngest, exhaustion at work… So stress sets in little by little and you put on extra pounds , you eat more than you should , you snack between meals , you swallow the packet of chips in front of the TV to calm your anxiety and put a lid on your suffering. Results ? You are getting bigger .

50 years ? This is the age of wisdom.

Your business is growing, you’re taking a real vacation, the kids have left home, phew, you can finally breathe a little! Sunday market, healthy and varied cuisine, yoga , Pilates , exhibitions… until the menopause knocks on the door. And here we go for hot flashes, joint pain, irritability and… the extra pounds!

In fact, in people without eating disorders , menopause only puts on a few pounds, especially in the belly.

But if you are one of those who have been on a lot of diets, perhaps you will think that depriving yourself is no longer worth it. These are the people who gain a lot of weight!

But of course, all these kilos, due to letting go, we will have to lose them again. Once again you’re on a diet, trying anything that “works” to lose weight after menopause, and inevitably descending into a hellish process, namely, strict dietary restrictions , followed by loss of control of your body. food .

And to top it off, when you’re a 50-year-old woman, it’s more difficult to lose weight than when you’re 20 or 30.


Because the kilos are well attached and your metabolism has slowed down. Normal. Your energy expenditure has physiologically decreased.

To lose weight when you are a woman, you have to taste and be attentive to your food sensations
You have been eating everything, anything and anyhow for so long!

You fill up rather than eat! And of course, most of the time, you overfill yourself . Then you deprive yourself , drop what you like to eat only what you don’t like, lose weight, gain weight, and so on. How to get out?

Start by rediscovering the taste of good things . Chocolate is good, but how? What is its real taste in the mouth? And the pizzas, are they really good? Taste slowly, experiment.

Eating is only really fun if you are hungry enough . You must therefore rediscover this feeling , which you have probably lost if you eat every time before it arrives.

And then, normally, we stop when we are full. Learn to taste , and watch for that moment when the pleasure is gone. This is where the terminus is normally.

Finally, if from time to time you need to comfort yourself with tasty food, do not hesitate to do so and eat as much as necessary for it. And also take note of everything you eat


But then wait until hunger comes to eat again, it will help you lose weight

Cooking your own meals when you are a woman helps to lose weight

Whenever you can, get cooking! The interest? You will cook delicious dishes yourself with regional products that you like, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and seasonal fruits.

Be inventive, mix flavors, add spices, try new recipes, treat yourself! Set a nice table with pretty dishes, and choose small plates rather than large ones to lose weight sustainably and effectively . Remember to taste carefully .

Otherwise, why bother to cook? The more we enjoy eating, the less quantity we need!

How to lose weight permanently when you are a woman? Get into sports!

“Cardio-training” to lose weight effectively when you are a woman
Your days are far too busy and you have little time to devote to physical activity?

No need to invest in a gym membership.

Some exercises can be done at home , without machines. Cardio training is part of it to lose weight effectively .

Its advantage?

It’s good for your cardiovascular system, you gain muscle, you refine your silhouette. But beware: if you have no training, it is better to start with something softer.


If you have stopped exercising for a long time, consult your doctor before starting. It is an endurance activity and it increases your energy expenditure rapidly.


The proof, 10 minutes per session is sufficient. Not only will you build muscle, but you will also be calorie-busting! The key is to be regular in your workouts.

Exercise ideas for lasting weight loss:

Knee Raises:

Run in place, making sure to raise your knees as high as possible. This practice works the legs and abdominals at the same time, to strengthen your upper body.

Skipping rope:

it’s very effective, it doesn’t cost much.


A simple and effective exercise to lose weight when you are a woman

Do you want to play sports to refine your figure in a playful way and lose weight? Get on the bike!


Whether it’s for a Sunday walk, to get to your office or to go shopping, the bike has invaluable advantages. It is a real anti-stress that can boost your morale .

With it, you will have tapered legs and a guaranteed flat stomach . But to achieve this, you have to put your heart into it! A minimum of 45 minutes 3 times a week would be ideal.

However, to lose weight and obtain visible results, you will need to work “aerobic”, that is to say by carrying out intense efforts sustained over time.


start slowly to warm up for about 10 minutes, then pick up the pace while keeping a comfortable but “toned” pace for 30 minutes. Make sure your heart beats noticeably and sweat. Return to a calmer pace for the last 5 minutes.


a fast way to lose weight permanently
Walking is one of the most beneficial sports activities for your body, but also for your mind and your weight loss.

You can go hiking, walking rather slowly, but for several hours, or do Nordic walking , more intense, for a shorter time.


In the latter case, it is advisable to reach the “endurance zone”, that is to say between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate, to walk at this sustained pace between 5 and 8 km / h for about 40 to 50 minutes two to three times a week.

Walking, like sport in general, allows you to feel your body better, to reconcile with it, to listen more easily to your food sensations.. We lose weight, less because we burn calories than because overall, we binge less.


warm up for a few minutes by walking at a moderate pace, then walk on your heels for a few meters. It’s a great way to get your legs ready to take on your next pace.

Then pick up the pace, rolling your foot well and pushing hard on your toes, so you can propel yourself forward in a more engaging way. Use walking sticks in case of Nordic walking.

Sleep and it will help you lose weight:

We can never say it enough, sleep is vital for our health and it is linked to our nutrition . But good sleep is also advisable when you want to lose weight . Do you doubt?

Recent studies confirm this 1 . During sleep, we secrete leptin, a hormone that gives us a feeling of satiety and participates in the metabolism of our fats.

Conversely, during our waking phases, we secrete another hormone, ghrelin, which triggers a feeling of hunger, especially for fatty and sugary products.


Conclusion ? Sleep! Your balance will be infinitely grateful to you …

To lose weight, learn to de-stress ladies!

Women stressed by their family or professional environment burn fewer calories than unstressed women and therefore gain more weight.

The manager ? Cortisol, a hormone that helps us react in times of danger. Produced in excess, it induces fat storage, especially in the abdomen.

We are talking here about “emotional” stress which, in most cases, causes food cravings for products rich in fats and sugars, with comforting power.

Do you suffer from stress and have you gained a lot of weight? It’s time to let go to lose weight!

Yoga, sophrology, meditation , Tai Chi, there is no shortage of “mental” activities to help you regain your serenity.


Are you on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Get some fresh air, walk in nature, immerse yourself in scented baths with essential oils, listen to classical music…

Do you want to lose weight permanently and easily?

Run away from your scale!
Stop obsessing over your weight and run away from your scales! Trust your wardrobe instead. Are you floating in your skirt? It means that you have lost a size, or even two.

The scale is a real poison for women! She acts as a “policeman” and feels guilty every time she leans on the wrong side.

Above all, there is no shortage of weight variations from one day to the next: menstruation, water retention, constipation, physical activity or not, heavy meal taken the day before, etc.

So, if you’re itching to weigh yourself when you want to lose weight, do it, but in this case… only once a week.

Are you a woman of 20, 30, 40, 50 and over, and you want to lose weight permanently?

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