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9 safe ways to lose weight during pregnancy

Discover 9 ways to lose weight during pregnancy.

Are you gaining weight during pregnancy? Well that’s pretty normal and healthy too. Your body continues to grow and undergo changes to accommodate your growing baby. For this reason, normal-weight women need 300 more calories per day than they needed before pregnancy.

9 safe ways to lose weight during pregnancy9 safe ways to lose weight during pregnancy

But what if you’re underweight, overweight, or obese? What is the recommended weight gain during pregnancy? MomJunction teaches you all about pregnancy weight gain here.

Tools for checking weight during pregnancy:

Weight gain requirements during pregnancy depend on whether you are pre-pregnant, underweight, healthy, overweight, obese, or multiple (twins or more).

You can check the category you are in and get your target weight range with this pregnancy weight gain calculator. For that, you need to know your pre-pregnancy weight, current gestational weeks, height, current weight, and if you are pregnant with multiple babies. This calculator will calculate your ideal weight gain by week during pregnancy. The amount of weight you should gain will always depend on your pre-pregnancy weight.

pregnancy weight gain chart

Pre-pregnancy BMI category recommended weight gain

18.5 24.9 usually 25-25 lbs (11-16 kg)
less than 18.5 lightweight 13-18 kg (28-40 lbs)
25〜29.9 Overweight 15-25 lbs (7-11 kg)
> 30 obesity 5-9 kg (11-20 lbs)

For twins or multiple babies, the ideal weight gain is 37-54 pounds, or 16.5-24.5 kg.


The table above will help you understand your target weight gain and reach your desired weight level.

But does the weight you gain constitute just fat? Also, if your baby only weighs a few pounds at birth, you may wonder where the rest of the pounds went.

Weight distribution during pregnancy:

Weight gain during pregnancy falls into several categories. The mean distribution looks like this .

Baby weight 7lb
Placenta 1lb
2 pounds of amniotic fluid
Uterus 2 pounds
Big boobs 2lb
4 pounds of bodily fluids
4 pounds of blood
7lb of fat and other nutrients
Weight is needed in all these areas to have a healthy baby and prepare the body for breastfeeding.

Side effects of being overweight during pregnancy:

If you are overweight or obese during pregnancy, you may develop the following complications:

1. Gestational diabetes:

Obese women are about four times more likely to develop gestational diabetes than normal women. Therefore, they may require cesarean delivery and may be at increased risk of developing congenital defects or may give birth to large babies that require cesarean delivery (3).

2. Preeclampsia:

Women with very high BMI are at risk of pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure. Premature birth, blood clots, and stroke are more likely.

  1. Infection:

Overweight women are at increased risk of infection during pregnancy and after giving birth.

(Read: Infectious Diseases During Pregnancy )

4. Apnea during occlusive sleep:

Obesity commonly causes sleep apnea in people. Pregnancy exacerbates this problem in obese women (4).

5. Labor Issues:

Obese women are more likely to require induction to begin labor. It can also interfere with epidural block, making the whole birth process a nightmare (5).

6. Pregnancy Loss:

Obese women are more likely to miscarry. So is the risk of stillbirth.

7. Likely caesarean section:

Overweight women generally have less muscle tone in the midsection and therefore do not have enough strength to expel the baby. Also, excess fat accumulated inside the birth canal makes the baby’s urge to escape more stressful.

8. Increased risk of birth defects:

Babies born to overweight or obese women have a higher risk of spina bifida than babies born to normal-weight women. Additionally, babies have a 60% higher risk of hydrocephalus, a 30% higher risk of heart defects (6), and a 20% higher risk of cleft lip.


9. Undetectable congenital anomalies:

Ultrasound is the best tool for detecting infant defects in the womb, but the distance it travels is limited. Obese women carry 3 inches or more of fat on their abdominal walls. This limits the passage of waves to the interior. So limit the defects you identify.

10. Pregnancy Symptoms:

Some of the common pregnancy problems, such as back pain, headaches, pelvic pressure, heartburn, and carpal tunnel syndrome, occur more frequently in overweight mothers.

How to lose weight and control weight during pregnancy?

Many women lose weight during the first and last trimester of pregnancy. This is especially common in obese women. But if you start losing weight dramatically, talk to your doctor. Most of this weight loss is caused by morning sickness and digestive problems. So while you can celebrate losing a few pounds, the main question is how to lose it.

I try to take my time and not push myself too hard, but it’s hard. I think you forget that your stomach flattens every time you give birth. It’s hard work, but start walking slowly with your baby. courtney kardashian

If you want to control your weight during pregnancy, here are some simple tips on how to lose weight during pregnancy if you’re obese. By following these tips, you can avoid additional weight gain and potentially lose even a few pounds. And all this without harming your pregnancy! Here’s what you should do to control your weight during pregnancy:

1. Understand your calorie needs.

As mentioned above, not all pregnant women should gain the same amount of weight. Therefore, you need to know how many calories you need. Talk to your doctor to understand your specific needs.

I’ve been on the Atkins diet, but of course I’m having cheating days (Kim Kardashian)


Do not stick to low-carb diets like the Atkins diet. Remember, Kim has an army of doctors to keep her safe and healthy, and unfortunately we don’t.

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2. Eat frequent but small meals:

This is true when you want to control your weight, pregnant or not. Eating frequent but small meals can help keep portion sizes in check. This is especially helpful if you are pregnant, and a complete diet can make you sick.

In general, I try to eat healthy, but I eat fast food because potato chips can soothe my stomach. They are my reward sometimes. Jana Kramer

3. Take Prenatal Vitamins:

This is what your doctor will prescribe for you anyway. But if you need an additional reason to take prenatal vitamins regularly, talk to your doctor right away! As you know, during pregnancy the body needs additional nutrition. If you want to keep your weight under control and get nutrients without burning calories, take vitamins! However, this does not mean that you should give up your usual diet and rely on supplements.

4. Eat Healthy Foods:

Now that you know you need to follow a proper diet, let’s see what’s healthy for you.

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Cereals and breads made with whole grains.
Low-fat milk and dairy products
Foods rich in folic acid such as strawberries, spinach, and beans.
Good unsaturated fats such as olive oil, canola oil, and peanut oil
(Read: Is Pregnancy Diet Safe? )


There is a long list of foods to avoid to avoid weight control during pregnancy. It’s here:

Foods containing artificial sweeteners
Foods and drinks that contain sugar or corn syrup.
Junk food such as chips, candy, cakes, cookies and ice cream. It’s okay to cheat sometimes, don’t make it a habit
Salt causes water retention in the body. Therefore, avoid adding salt to foods you prepare at home.
Unhealthy fats such as margarine, butter, sauces, sauces, mayonnaise and salad dressings.
My diet and exercise habits that made me feel good and got my doctor’s approval made it easy to lose most of the weight I gained during my pregnancy. I can’t promise my routine will work for you, but I can say that it makes me feel better and beats all pound obsessions! (Hilaria Baldwin)

5. Exercise:

You shouldn’t stop exercising just because you’re pregnant. Exercise is important if you want to control your weight during pregnancy (7).

I devoted 6 hours a day to a vigorous training regimen. I did 45 or 55 minutes of cardio followed by 1 hour of Pilates or yoga 3 times a day. Kate Hudson

However, consult your doctor before making a training plan. 2-3 hours of moderate aerobic exercise per week is required. Yoga, walking, swimming, dancing and cycling are great options.

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6. Eat for two:

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to eat for two. 20 grams of extra protein and 300 Kcal of extra energy is all you need to control healthy weight gain. In addition to calories and protein, the body also needs essential nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin B12 and calcium.


Walnuts provide protein, while milk and cereal provide additional calories. Eggs and yogurt are great sources of protein, calcium and vitamin D. Spinach is rich in folic acid and should be included in your daily diet. Red meat provides iron.

Women who overeat during pregnancy can become obese and develop problems such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes later in pregnancy.

(Read: Foods to lose weight)

7. Bring lunch home.

A pregnant woman is tired and unable to prepare lunch. If the morning rush seems overwhelming, try doing it the day before. Sandwiches, parathas and rice are easy to make. Add vegetables to your diet and mix them in when making chops/purées, parathas. Please eat with tofu. Similarly, rice can be added to vegetables to make vegetable pulao or fried rice. Even plain rice has protein and calcium!

8. Make a conscious choice.

A healthy lifestyle consists of making conscious decisions when it comes to eating. Bacon-covered cheese popping pizza and other toppings look delicious, but they do nothing for your baby or your body. Every time we choose healthy food, we make a conscious decision to respect our bodies.

9. Accept the changes.

Respecting the body also means accepting it for what it is. Weight gain during pregnancy is normal and, in fact, essential for your baby’s health. Drop those extra pounds when your baby is born.

But you don’t have to worry about losing extra pounds right after delivery. Your priority is your son.


Is it safe to lose weight during pregnancy?
If you are already overweight at conception, your doctor may tell you to lose weight. However, weight loss should only be attempted under the supervision of a doctor. In most cases, pregnant women are not allowed to diet or lose weight.

In fact, weight loss or gain follows a natural course during pregnancy. You can lose weight in early pregnancy because of nausea and morning sickness. Then you can add pounds in the next two quarters for your first weight loss. And this is a healthy way to lose and gain weight during pregnancy.

Effects of Unhealthy Weight Loss on Growing Babies:

Losing more weight than expected is not healthy. It can only occur at the beginning of the first trimester due to morning sickness. Unhealthy weight loss can lead to the following complications:

Giving birth to a baby who is underweight.

High chance of miscarriage, especially in the first trimester due to anorexia (an eating disorder with an unwanted fear of gaining weight)
Low amniotic fluid due to malnutrition.
Cognitive dysfunction in babies.
If you are overweight, you don’t need to eat for two. In fact, if you’re obese, you can lose a few pounds without harming your baby. But the key is to stay on top of your body and consult your doctor. Let’s begin!

Have you tried other methods to lose excess weight? Share your story in the comments section below.


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