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How to lose 10kg in a month with easy Weight loss secrets

Discover how to lose 10kg in a month with these weight loss secrets.

Quick weight loss is not necessarily recommended by health professionals. However, it is possible to lose weight quickly by following drastic instructions. Truc Mania explains how to proceed and encourages you to continue your weight loss efforts, so as not to regain your pounds and your bad habits.

How to lose 10kg in a month Weight lossHow to lose 10kg in a month Weight lossTAKE CARE OF YOUR DIET

Your food is your fuel, you should never neglect its quality and adapt its quantity.


If you’ve gained weight, chances are you’re eating more than you need. You must therefore reduce the amount of food you eat. Proceed gradually to accustom your stomach as you go.

To be sure to eat less, you can count the calories on your plates. Truc Mania advises you to consult a nutritionist to set several calories corresponding to your particular case.


Say stop to processed, salty, or sweet foods such as cakes, pizzas, prepared meals, or menus served in fast food. These are high-calorie foods and they blow up your daily intake.

Prefer grilled meats, and steamed vegetables, and accompanying your meals with soft drinks instead of sodas.



If you choose the right foods to fill your cupboards, you’ll be part of the way to healthy eating. Prefer 400 calories of satiating vegetables to the same amount of fried chicken, which will leave you hungry for dessert.

Fibers, dried fruits, and seeds are valuable aids for composing a balanced menu and curbing hunger without gaining weight.


You can already remove the fat that is visible: the skin of the chicken, the fatty parts of a pork chop, and or the fat of the ham. Cook with little fat and without breading your meat, your fish, or accompanying them with sauce.

Avoid frying meat and steamed vegetables using spices to add flavor. Not only do they bring fragrance, but they also have the power to speed up your metabolism.


There are foods that not only won’t make you fat but will even help you lose weight.

Here are Truc Mania’s tips for choosing healthier food.

Eat an apple every day: it contains pectin which has the effect of reducing the amount of fat that the body absorbs. The apple contains very few calories and it contains fiber.


Bluefish (mackerel, sardines, salmon, tuna, red mullet, etc.) help control hunger by giving an impression of satiety.


Ginger and garlic are great for the diet because they affect metabolism by dilating blood vessels and lowering insulin levels.

Olive oil is the best friend for cooking because it provides unsaturated fatty acids, responsible for good cholesterol.


Drink a lot and at the right time, for example before meals to reduce your appetite. Depending on the individual, water needs vary between 2 liters and 3.5 liters per day.

You can consume green tea, which is an excellent antioxidant, and eliminate sugary or alcoholic drinks as much as possible.


Without physical activity, no weight loss, so you have to find the sport that suits you best.


Physical activity contributes to losing weight and you can practice many sports. The first ones we think of are often swimming, running, tennis or cycling. However, there are other very interesting sports such as aerobics, taekwondo, or even rope skipping.



The best way to speed up your weight loss is to practice at least 3 or 4 times a week, and ideally for at least an hour each time. Gradually increase the difficulty to gain intensity without getting discouraged.

Choose sporting activities that you enjoy so that they don’t turn into chores that you will quickly want to get rid of. If you can practice them with friends, it can be a real motivation.


When you’re tired, you can swap an intensive gym session for a walk in nature. Make the effort to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator and do not always park in front of where you are going. These small daily actions contribute to your weight loss and contribute to improving your overall health.


When you have determined your ideal calorie intake, start by listing the foods that allow you to respect it and in what quantity you will consume them .

Make simple menus to prepare and develop a list of basic products to have in your cupboards. Gradually get rid of those that are not good for your line and do not renew their purchase.

Make arrangements to enroll in weight loss sporting activities that appeal to you and work them into your schedule so that you balance out your weeks.

Take care of your sleep, because it is during your nocturnal activity that your body regenerates dead cells and allocates calories to different muscles and tissues according to their needs.


Don’t stare at the numbers on your scale obsessively, because you can lose fat, gain muscle, and slim your figure without the number on the display dropping much.

You can also be accompanied by a dietician and a sports coach to gain motivation and efficiency over time.

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